Reading PennsylvaniaCity of Reading, Pennsylvania

4th and Cherry Exiting Guide

4th and Cherry Garage.

The 4th & Cherry Garage is an unmanned facility. This facility can accept cash/credit at the pay station or credit only at the exit.

The facility is open 24/7 and daily rates apply. Please scroll down for instructions on how to exit the facility.

If you need assistance please call 484-645-4032..

For cash/credit customers: Visit the pay station located to the right of the exit lane.

Follow the instructions on the machine in order to validate your ticket.

Once your ticket is validated take it to the exit gate.

If you need assistance press the button indicated.

1. Insert your ticket.

2. See amount owed.

3. Insert your credit card.

4. Collect Receipt.

If you need assistance press the button indicated.