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Gateless Garages

Gateless Garages: Convention Center | Reed & Court | South Penn | 4th & Cherry

How to Pay at a Gateless Garage

Cameras outfitted with license plate readers snap a picture of every vehicle’s license plate as it enters and exits the garage. Then the system compares how much time the driver paid for and how long they stayed. It’s that easy!

  • Visiting Reading for an event? Pay the flat-rate event fee.
  • In town for a meeting, lunch, or shopping? Pay the hourly rate.

Pay BEFORE your event!

Since it’s different from what we’ve done the past couple of years, we want to make sure you know payment is due within 15 minutes of entering the garage. Failure to pay within 15 minutes of entering will result in a violation being mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

So remember to “Pay before you Walk Away!”


  1. Flat-rate event parking goes into effect two hours before the start of an event.
  2. Parkers who arrive in a garage or lot prior to the start of flat-rate event parking must purchase hourly parking at regular rates up until the time the event rate goes into effect.
  3. The system will prevent parkers from purchasing hourly parking beyond the time the event parking rate begins.
  4. Once the event rate goes into effect, parkers may extend their parking time by purchasing flat-rate event parking.

Payment Methods

ParkMobile offers three ways to pay:

  1. Mobile app
  2. Website      
  3. Text

Click here for information about setting up and using ParkMobile.

Click here for more information on How to Pay for Parking with MobilePay.

Walk-Up Pay Station

Cash and credit card payments are accepted at walk-up pay stations located on the first floor of every garage near the elevator.

NOTE: Please make exact payment. Pay station does not issue change.