Reading PennsylvaniaCity of Reading, Pennsylvania

Handicap Parking

Handicap Spaces RPA Garages

South Penn

Lower level25 spaces
5th level2 spaces
6th level2 spaces
7th level2 spaces

4th And Cherry

1st level10 spaces
2nd level4 spaces

6th and Cherry lot

4 spaces

3rd and Penn lot

3 spaces

Chiarelli Plaza

1st level13 spaces

2nd and Washington

1st level2 spaces
2nd level3 spaces
3rd level2 spaces
4th level2 spaces

Front and Washington

1st level3 spaces
2nd level3 spaces

Reed and Court

Lower level18 spaces

Convention Center Garage

2nd level3 spaces
3rd level4 spaces
4th level1 space
5th level4 spaces
6th level1 space
7th level4 spaces

State Lot

2 spaces

Poplar and Walnut

1st level16 spaces
3rd level2 spaces
4th level2 spaces

7th and Washington

5 spaces

10th and Penn

3 spaces

Handicap spaces in need of painting will be repainted in the Spring