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No Parking Signs

As of March 1, 2021, the Reading Parking Authority is responsible for hanging all temporary “No Parking” signs and removing them when they have expired. The purchaser is no longer responsible for posting or removing their own signs. (PLEASE NOTE: This refers to temporary, cardboard “No Parking” signs. The City’s Public Works Department is responsible for all metal signs along city streets.)



Temporary “No Parking” signs may be purchased in two ways:

1) Online

  • Use the SPECIFIC PROPERTY FORM if you are ordering a small quantity of signs to be placed in front of a specific address.
  • Use the HALF OR WHOLE BLOCK FORM when ordering signs in bulk. This includes ordering for one or both sides of half a block or a whole block.

BLOCK DIAGRAM FORM: The Block Diagram Form is a guide to indicate placement of your signs. It must be completed IN FULL and attached to the online form. Your order cannot be processed without it.

If you cannot print or upload the Block Diagram Form, please call the administrative office at 610-655-6166.

PAYMENT: After we have received your order, a member of the RPA staff will call you with any questions regarding your order and to process payment via credit card. (Please note there is a $4/transaction fee for payment via phone.)

2) In person at the Reading Parking Authority Citizen & Customer Services office located at 430 S. 4th St.


NOTE: Signs must be ordered a MINIMUM OF 48 HOURS before the effective date and time.



The cost of a daily parking permit shall be as provided in 212-144.


Type of Purchaser Fee Per Day Per Sign
Business (UGI, UGI subcontractor, Met-Ed, etc.) $25/day (effective 5/1/23)
Reading property owner in front of his/her non-residence property $10/day
Funeral home; nonprofit organization $10/day
Reading resident in front of his/her residential property (Annual limits apply) $1/day
City agencies & authorities; churches $1/day

Optional lamination is available for an additional $2/sign.


The purpose for and regulations regarding the sale and use of “No Parking” signs are contained in ordinance 576-419. Please Note: The official name for “No Parking” signs is “Daily Parking Permit”. That is how the signs are referred to in the ordinance below.

§ 576-419. Daily parking permits.

[Added 11-14-2005 by Ord. No. 77-2005; 2-12-2007 by Ord. No.14-2007; 9-10-2007 by Ord. No. 68-2007; 1-4-2021 by Ord. No.100-2020]


  1. Purpose. Daily parking permits are designed to make legal parking more convenient by having motorists prepay a required fee in return for the posting of a no-parking sign by the Reading Parking Authority. These signs are intended for short-term use that will not exceed two weeks; they shall not be used in place of long term off- street parking. Daily parking permits may be issued for all legal on-street parking spaces. They do not permit parking in prohibited parking zones.
  2. The following regulations govern the issuance of a daily parking permit:
    1. (1) The request for a daily parking permit shall be submitted to the Reading Parking Authority. The Reading Parking Authority may require a separate Police Department-issued “special event” permit for the issuance of four or more signs.
    2. (2) The daily parking permit shall contain the name of the individual or organization requesting the posting of a no­ parking sign and the date, time and location of use.
    3. (3) A daily parking permit must be requested at least 24 hours prior to its intended use. Requests for use of a daily parking permit on a Monday shall be submitted no later than the preceding Thursday. The Reading Parking Authority will post a no-parking sign consistent with the daily parking permit that is issued and it shall remove the no-parking sign when the use has ended.
    4. (4) One no-parking sign shall be required for every parking space.
    5. (5) Daily parking permits are exempt from street cleaning.
    6. (6) No refunds will be issued by the Reading Parking Authority due to the rescheduling of events, inclement weather or non-use of the daily parking permit that is issued.
    7. (7) It shall be illegal to alter a no-parking sign or to attempt any use at a date and/or time other than originally specified.
    8. (8) Any violation of any of the above regulations will result in the levy of fines and may result in prosecution. Reading Parking Authority shall be permitted to charge applicable daily parking permit fees to anyone that misuses a no­parking sign or fails to pay for any such use and shall be permitted to temporarily suspend the use of no parking signs by anyone that takes part in any such misuse.
  3. An individual that requests a daily parking permit for use in front of his or her residence shall be required to provide proof of residence in the City of Reading. Residential parking permits shall be for personal use only. Commercial use of a residential daily parking permit is prohibited.
  4. The cost of a daily parking permit shall be as provided in 212-144. The rate for a residential parking permit shall be available for 20 or fewer days for a single residence in one calendar year. The issuance of a residential parking permit for a personal home shall thereafter be charged at the standard rate for general usage in a metered or non-metered parking space.

Revocation: “No Parking” signs are subject to revocation at any time by the Reading Parking Authority. Grounds for revocation shall be based on repeated violation of the intent and meaning of Article 576-419, the interpretation of which shall be rendered by the Director of the Parking Authority. All fees charged for revoked permits are entirely non-refundable.