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Safe Driving in the Garages

Safe Driving in the Garages

Please be as safe as possible when driving or walking through the garages. Each garage has a traffic pattern that is marked by signs and in some cases by arrows on the floor. Follow these tips for safe driving in the garages.

1. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE THE WRONG WAY IN THE GARAGE. You may think that this saves time but it is a very unsafe act. If caught it may result in revocation of your permit or possible banishment from R.P.A. facilities.

2. The parking spaces in the garages and lots are designed according to the traffic pattern. They are designed for forward parking only. Backing into a space is difficult and requires a lot of maneuvering. It also puts others at risk because you have to pull out against traffic.


The following topics represent the most common safety issues for the Reading Parking Authority.


The area where you choose to park your vehicle can be a factor.

1. Open lots offer a high visibility factor for your vehicle. Parking your vehicle where it can be openly seen from many places adds a measure of security.

2. If parking at night, try to park in an area that is well lit. This increases the visibility factor for your vehicle.


Parking Garages offer less open visibility than lots but are monitored by security camera systems for added safety.

1. Some garages have center aisles that offer a partially obstructed or blocked view from the outside. If possible park along the outside walls of the garage where your vehicle can be visible from street.

2. All of our garages and lots are lighted. Parking in a well lighted area can add a measure of safety.


Most crimes committed in the garages or lots are crimes of opportunity. Thieves look for valuables left out in plain sight. Just as a fisherman uses bait/lures to catch a fish, you could be doing the same thing by leaving valuables in plain sight in your car. Here are some tips:

1. Lock your purse or wallet in the trunk or glove box. Or take them with you.

2. Lock your laptop computer or GPS device in the trunk or store it under a seat out of sight.

3. Don’t leave loose change out in the open (Change trays, cup holders….)

4. If you have a radio with a removable face, make sure to remove it and take it with you or lock it in the glove box.

5. Don’t leave cell phones in the vehicle. Store all cell phone accessories in the glove box or storage compartment out of sight.


1. Please report any suspicious activity to Reading Parking Authority’s 24/7 Live Call Center at 484-339-4979.

2. Please also report any crimes or accidents. There are security camera systems in most garages that could have recorded the incident.


Here are some common sense things you can do to increase the safety and security of you vehicle and your person.

1. It almost seems foolish to mention it, but lock your doors and roll up your windows.

2. Make sure your doors and trunk are shut and secure before you leave your vehicle.


It’s an age old proverb but it has a lot of truth in it. There is safety in numbers.

1. Find some friends or co-workers to walk with you to and from the garage or lot. Especially at night.

2. When leaving the garage meet at one car and drop everyone off at their vehicle.

Please understand that there is a measure of risk when parking in any garage or lot. Taking advantage of the information on this webpage will make you more aware of things you can do to make your parking experience as safe as possible.