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Reading PennsylvaniaCity of Reading, Pennsylvania

Residential Permit Parking (“Residential Zones”)

Information Sheet and Petition


The purpose of Residential Permit Parking (“Residential Zones”) is to make it easier for residents to find on-street parking spaces. While it is designed to improve parking availability for neighborhood residents, it does not guarantee a space.


The following facts should help define the current program as administered by the Reading Parking Authority:


  1. The Residential Permit Parking petition must be signed by a verifiable 51% of the block’s households to be considered. NOTE: All residents who either rent or own a dwelling in the block are eligible.
  2. A separate permit is required for each motor vehicle.
  3. Commercial vehicles are not eligible for permits.
  4. Permits are good for 12 months from the date of issue.
  5. Permits cost $30.00 for the first year and $25.00 for an annual renewal.
  6. Impact on Commercial Establishments on the block where a petition is filed will be considered in the evaluation process and may be grounds for denial.
  7. To be eligible, a vehicle must display a valid Pennsylvania license plate and must be registered to a residential address within the particular permit area.
  8. The permit increases the resident’s chance of finding a legal parking space by stimulating turnover and eliminating storage of non-resident vehicles; however, it does not guarantee a parking space. A permit is only valid on the block posted with a permit sign having the corresponding area number.
  9. Vehicles with a permit may park in excess of a time restriction that is within their assigned block.
  10. For non-permitted vehicles, the one- to three-hour time limit is enforced from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM weekdays, excluding holidays.
  11. Vehicles with a permit are NOT exempt from other parking restrictions or prohibitions including street cleaning restrictions, loading zones, no parking areas, yellow curbs and general safety restrictions.
  12. Visitors must follow the posted parking regulations with the area. Long-term visitors will be allowed to purchase a temporary Visitor Permit that is good for up to 14 days. Visitor Permits may be purchased at the Reading Parking Authority office.
  13. If a resident sells or transfers a vehicle bearing a residential parking permit sticker, the sticker must be removed before the transfer. A new sticker, which will expire on the same date as the old sticker, will be issued free of charge. The resident must supply the RPA with the original sticker or a notarized affidavit attesting to the removal of the original sticker.
  14. Permits are not transferable or prorated if cancelled.


Permits must be displayed on the front windshield rearview mirror and be readily visible to enforcement personnel at all times while the vehicle is parked in the Residential Permit Parking area.