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The Gates are Coming

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Gates are Coming

Welcome back Reading Parking Authority readers!  It has been sometime since the last blog but not fret positive progress is still proceeding at the Reading Parking Authority.

The installation of the new Parking Authority Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) also known to many as “Parking Gates” will begin at the Second and Washington Garage on June 10, 2019.  Up next?  The Convention Center Garage (near the DoubleTree Hotel) has a target install date of June 24, 2019.  It is unknown as this time, how long each installation will take. Our goal though, is to make the installations as trouble-free to patrons as possible.

To minimize any concerns, I will be videotaping and then posting clips on our website and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram after the first PARC system is functioning. These video clips will illustrate the systematic process of the following:


  1. Getting a ticket as you, our parking guests, enter
  2. Using a pay station
  3. Using validations
  4. Using a “Chaser Card”
  5. Paying at the exit


In addition to these video clips, please feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns and I will do my best to assist you with anything I can to answer your questions and/or alleviate your concerns.

There’s more!  Along with the new PARC system, we will be upgrading our parking kiosks so to make paying for a space in one of our lots friendlier to our parking guests.  When paying for a space in one of our lots, you will no longer have to take a receipt back to your car and place it on your dashboard.  Instead, when you pay for your space, you will need to enter your plate number and your receipt will be stored digitally.  You will still be able to get a receipt for your records, but the process of walking back to your car will not be needed.  This new process, will save you time, alleviate the possibility of the receipt falling off your dashboard and then receiving a ticket violation when payment was in fact made.  Nice Right?!

Another feature along with this PARC system is the ability for business (restaurants) to offer special parking rates for patrons.  Business’ guests will pay at the below listed kiosks the difference for parking based on the discount the restaurant offers.  The lots with these kiosks are located at:


  1. State Lot – 7th and Penn Streets
  2. 6th & Cherry Lot – Entry is located at 5th and Cherry (on 5th Street)
  3. Three hundred (300) block of Cherry – there are two kiosks at this location one near Penn Street and the other near Cherry Street to better accommodate our Parking Guests.


Future blogs will discuss the progress of the restoration and repair of the Reading Parking Authority garages and the addition of SpotHero which will make parking in our garages in the City of Reading even more convenient, especially for special events. With SpotHero guests to the City of Reading will be able to pay for a parking space at the garage of their choice ahead of time. More to come on this in the next blog, stay tuned.

It is our hope at the Reading Parking Authority to encourage more of an interest not only in how the Reading Parking Authority is evolving but also how the City of Reading continues to grow.

We at the Reading Parking Authority, welcome you the readers, to come and experience the City of Reading!

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