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Tom’s Corner

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Tom’s Corner

Welcome inquisitive internet reader! This is my first blog ever and not just as the, Executive Director of the Reading Parking Authority. I decided now is the right time for a Reading Parking Authority blog with so many great things starting and on the horizon. When I accepted the position at the Reading Parking Authority in August 2017, I was not aware of the all challenges. I like challenges, I see the potential within the organization and want to continue to be in a service-to-the-community role. While we embark on the work to be done, I want to communicate so the Reading Parking Authority is not only transparent but supportive to the City of Reading, which encompasses businesses, visitors, those employed in the city, and the residents. This is the first of many blogs to come and my goal is to be informative, to alleviate concerns, to be proactive with topics that relate to parking and yes, parking tickets and the cost of parking will be touched on in the future.

With all that said, let’s get on to the main purpose for this first ever Reading Parking Authority blog.

First and foremost, the Reading Parking Authority thanks each and every one who uses or has used the Reading Parking Authority garages for their patience and patronage. I was not aware of the gate system issues (or as it is in the Parking Industry PARCS – Parking Access and Revenue Control System). Once here at the Reading Parking Authority I witnessed and heard of the gate problems and knew they were a must fix/update. Now keep in mind there is plenty to do at the Reading Parking Authority and it would be a disservice to put them in a specific order. Trust me I did when I first began but it changed daily as the business dictated to me it’s more immediate needs. You, our parking guest/s, will soon be experiencing a new PARC system, which is HUB Parking Technology (there is a banner link on our homepage). The target date is set to begin, April 2019 for the Reed and Court Garage. In the coming days a list of the other the garages will be posted so everyone is in the know. The estimated target date for all of the Reading Parking Authority garages to be completed is, September 2019. In the coming weeks there will also be a FAQs page relative to the new gate systems. During this process we, the Reading Parking Authority, ask you, our parking guest, to continue to be patient.


To better serve the City of Reading and its future growth the Reading Parking Authority’s new gates will offer the following:

  • Payment options – The ability to pay with cash, credit card, and in some garages (at this time) the convenience to pay your cell phone (after all this is the future). This technology enhances the parking experience by eliminating the need to use parking tickets at entry and exit from a parking garage.
  • Parking Reservations – Another great addition is the ability to pre-pay for parking. This is handy for events and allows you the patron to pick which garage you want to park in. A spot (not a specific spot, maybe in the future) will be saved for your vehicle. This allows for peace of mind, reduces traffic congestion, and allows you the Guest to the City of Reading the ability to carry less cash, if any.
  • JunglePass- allows you to pre-book, find, enter, pay, and exit the garage you choose via your smartphone. JunglePass utilizes digital tickets instead of paper tickets. Lastly, the geo location embedded in JunglePass allows you to find a parking garage and get driving instructions to the garage.
  • Web-validations will be available for local businesses (if interested) for their patrons.
  • LCD display with instructions in English and Spanish
  • This is just a few of the features in the new PARC system


Hopefully, this has peaked your interest and you continue to follow the progress, ask questions, prepares you for the change, encourages you to visit the City of Reading and witness firsthand what Reading has to offer as it relates to events, restaurants, entertainment, businesses, and more.

The next blog will feature the progress of the new PARC system and an update on the parking garages restoration which is slated to begin in June 2019. Things are improving in the RPA to better serve you our “Parking Guest”. Once again thank you for your patronage.

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